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I called Su-Mei to find out more about the Trivedi Effect. She is compassionate, knowledgeable about the science, and so easy to talk to about uncomfortable things. I was down and I didn’t understand why; I couldn’t put my finger on any reason I should be feeling down — not right now. After the first transmission, it came to me. I was grieving something that happened almost 20 years ago. I finally understood that I needed to acknowledge what happened, grieve, and then I could move forward. I had no idea the event left behind so much residue.

With Su-Mei’s help and this wonderful energy, I moved through the grieving process and found my way to the other side quickly. No dallying! I am feeling something new. I believe it is joy, not the same as happiness. It feels like being excited without the giddiness. This feeling is wonderful and it underlies every other feeling I have now — almost like a warm buzz or vibration.

I am very grateful for both the assistance through the grieving and this wonderful feeling of joy. Thank you! I highly recommend Su-Mei Lu.

Nancy M Holleman

From our first conversation with Su-Mei Liu, she made me feel very comfortable and at ease in her care.  The week of energy transmissions was extremely powerful.  I was impressed by her scientific backing as a Trivedi Effect Healer and decided to sign up the program she recommended to me.  Before working with Su-Mei Liu, I struggled with brain fog, trouble sleeping and anxiety.  After our time together, I felt myself shift into a calm and peaceful state of being.  My sleep improved and anxiety disappeared.  I highly recommend Su-Mei- Liu!

Zhanna Romm

As a recently divorced father of two teenage boys ad having lost a job after twenty years of service I was reeling and anxious about my future. I brought my concerns to Su-Mei about my own life and the uncertain future of my son who had no plans-other than working in a fast-food restaurant after graduating from high school. In our weekly talks Su-Mei helped me focus on the present, what I could control, and building a positive relationship with my son with encouraging words. A few months later he has enlisted in the Marines and I am getting comfortable in a new job and feeling like my old self again.  Su-Mei helped me focus positive energy on what I could control and it is all working out.

John Fiedler

I found myself struggling with mental fog due to PTSD and chronic stress. The holidays were approaching and I realized that I truly needed to reach out for help I felt confusion that was concerning to me. I started searching for an innovative, spiritual healer. I found Su-Mei Liu’s website and decided to contact her. I felt that I needed to work with a woman who had some similar life experiences and who was spiritually-based. I was not disappointed.
I told Su-Mei that I really needed clarity in my life. Her manner was empathetic and definitive. During our short conversation, I immediately felt heard and understood. Su-Mei started doing energy transmissions for me right away and I noticed a real difference in my being within 48 hours. I felt lighter and my thoughts were clear. I felt a calmness that was very comforting. Su-Mei Liu is an effective and divinely guided healer. I am so grateful to her for her help.,

City: Winnipeg,
State: MB,
Country: Canada,

Cathryn Nykvist, Health and Wellness Practitioner

I was working on a project requiring a high amount of focus. When it was time to sit down and work on the project, I felt irritable and undisciplined. Positive reinforcement wasn’t working. Within 48 hours while reviewing my Facebook Newsfeed, there was a shared post introducing Su-Mei Liu – Life Force Energy Healer with the question “Facing Lack of Focus? Get More Focus to Reach your Highest Potential.” Her website explained she was a scientifically validated Trivedi Effect healer. I contacted Su-Mei and discussed my challenge. Her manner was compassionate and caring. She suggested we start with 5 remote Energy Transmissions. The results I experienced were immediate. It was as if my brain had done a complete 180. Previous feelings of dread had been replaced with feelings of optimism. Deeply grateful to Su-Mei Liu for her God given gift.,

City: Longview,
State: Washington,
Country: United States,

Donna Alija

Though I have never met Su-Mei I have found the work she did with Nicco to be quite remarkable. Nico is a rescue dog a rather badly-behaved pug. He has calmed down dramatically with nothing more being done by me. I will easily say Su-Mei has a tremendous gift of healing.

Joanne R

I contacted Su Mei Liu a Trivedi effect healer through Facebook and we decided to start 5 energy transmission the same evening. She was so supportive and it was easy to talk to her about my journey and what I needed help with.  She explained to me how After few years in a huge burnout and brain fog, trouble sleeping and lack of focus I really needed to get my energy back. In the beginning I could feel a lot was going on and it came clear to my where I was meeting deep obsticles in my being and they were shifting rapidly with divine outcome. My energy started to come back, my vision of the future got clearer and a strong feeling of intention and vision where I want to be on my journey. And the best thing was that I was doing not just thinking about doing things and became so much more productive in my work. We spoke through this process and Su Mei Liu’s insights were so helpful and I loved that feeling of her well wishes for my life and health. I really recommend her as a healer and I looking forward  to see how my process is going to turn out in they beautiful divine energy.

Katrin S Baldursdottir

Talking with Su-Mei about the benefits of the Trivedi Effect made me feel at ease. I called her because I had a lot of pain in my neck and shoulders and it might have been stress related as I had a lot of pressure at work. I started receiving Life Force Energy Transmissions from Su-Mei and  one morning I woke up full of energy and with a fresh joyful feeling and the pain was gone. This was so huge, the pain was gone and all my body was relaxed, my stress melted away. I’m very grateful for this new inner joyful feeling and I highly recommend energy transmissions from Su-Mei Liu.

Carola Sand

At first, I was looking for help with feeling pulled in too many directions.  Su-Mei Liu, a professional and understanding Trivedi Healer provided me with five days of Life Force Energy Healing.  She also said I could reach out to her anytime if something new came up.  The next day, I emailed Su-Mei to say I received unexpected bad news about my work contract that worried me.  She responded immediately and said she would pay attention to this area.

That same week I received 3 different calls from prospective clients for my new business.  It surprised me to see how the Life Force Energy aligned this because I did not mention to Su-Mei that I really hoped to grow my new business and leave the contracting work I am doing.

This energy is very intelligent and aligned the right solution for me even if I did not know how to ask for it!  I recommend Su-Mei Liu to anyone that needs help in any area of their life.,

City: Bourget,
State: ON,
Country: Canada,

Johanne Dodon, Business Analyst / consultant

I contacted Su-Mei for an intercession when my business was slow.
I am self-employed and work on a project to project basis, and for a week there was nothing scheduled. Just a day or two after the intercession, work started flowing in.
Su-Mei is very gifted, and I am extremely grateful to her for this miraculous result!

Denise, FL

Barney and Emma wake up wagging their tails which makes me very happy which I have not seen that in a while. Emma still has her throat problem, but it does not seem as bad.
Barney has a lot of energy and is doing very well.
I am doing well too-moving forward emotionally-spiritually and physically.
Thank you for your healing energy work

Mallory S.

It was through a referral that I was guided to Su-Mei Liu.  She is a caring and kind-hearted Scientifically Validated Trivedi Effect Life Force Energy Healer.  She took her time to listen to my concerns around lacking sleep due to the many deadlines and hectic schedule I have been facing.  She suggested we start with 5 days of energy transmissions.  The results were remarkable!  The next day I was sleeping a few extra hours than the usual and felt at ease doing so.  I highly recommend her gift of healing to anyone seeking support in their health and well-being in their lives.

Inthirani A.,
City: Vancouver,
State: B.C.,
Country: Canada,

Inthirani Arul, Community LivIng Counsellor

I was very concerned when my 59-year-old brother told me he lost his job as a teacher.
This was compounded by the difficulty of a divorce he was going through and a long history of depression and anxiety.  After hearing he did not do well on a job interview, I contacted Su-Mei
for Life Force Energy transmissions for my brother. Within two weeks, he had a new job and was much calmer and confident. I am deeply grateful to Su-Mei and the Trivedi Effect for this miraculous turn of events for my brother.

Denise, F
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