Can Energy transmissions replace medical care?2019-05-04T01:41:46-07:00

Energy transmissions can enhance and be complementary to medical care but they do not replace it. Su-Mei makes no medical claims, nor does she give medical advice. However, there have been people who reported increased health and wellness after receiving Life Force Energy Transmissions.

How can I expect to feel after an Energy transmission?2019-05-06T05:55:52-07:00

Every person will respond differently. Most people report an increase in Energy, calmness and deeper sleep. Everyone benefits whether they feel the Energy or not.

I just had an Energy Transmission and I don’t feel any different. Is it working?2019-05-06T05:57:02-07:00

Divine Energy works the way we do not understand. The path to transformation is different for everyone. There are many benefits to transformation and no time frame would be identical. It is important to remember that the transformation is about the outcome and not the journey. As you travel this path to transformation, you may notice the benefits immediately or you may notice benefits over an extended period of time. The Divine determines the benefits and knows what is right for you.

What can I do to prepare for receiving an Energy transmission?2019-05-04T01:52:09-07:00

There is nothing you really need to do to prepare.

How often should I receive Energy transmission?2019-05-04T01:47:21-07:00

There are no limits to Energy transmissions. The more you receive the greater the results and the faster the transformation.

Are remote Life Force Energy transmissions as powerful as in-person?2019-06-07T07:52:24-07:00

Yes, the Life Force Energy transmission has been scientifically proven to be as powerful when received remotely as when received in person.

How do we know this Energy is real?2019-05-04T01:46:10-07:00

After transforming the lives of thousands of people, Guruji Mahendra Trivedi wanted to discover what this Life Force Energy could and could not do, and that guided him to seek scientific validation. He has conducted over 4,000 laboratory controlled experiments to authenticate his capabilities and prove the existence of Divine Life Force Energy. Guruji graciously passed on the opportunity for scientific validation to the Trivedi healers to prove their capabilities.

What makes you different from other energy healers?2019-06-07T07:49:18-07:00

Su-Mei is a scientifically validated healer. No other healers in the world, other than Trivedi Healers, have scientific validation. Su-Mei’s Research Results can be seen under the “Science” section of this website.

Who can benefit from an Energy transmission?2019-06-07T07:50:36-07:00

Everyone can benefit from a Life Force Energy transmission! Regardless of their country of origin, health, religious beliefs, age, gender, etc.; all types of people with diverse needs have reported positive results.

Who is Guruji Mahendra Trivedi and What is Trivedi Effect?2019-06-07T07:51:14-07:00

Guruji is a Spiritual Master gifted with the ability to harness the Divine Life Force Energy to benefit humanity. He is the Pioneer of Life Force Science. His ability has been validated by over 4000 scientific experiments. In 1995, he was blessed by the Divine with the ability to transmit Divine’s Life Force Energy. Guruji has the ability to change the structure of the atom through the use of Divine’s Energy. This is known as The Trivedi Effect®

To learn more about Guruji visit https://www.TrivediEffect.com

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