Dogs, Cats and Animals can Benefit from Biofield Energy

There is an extraordinary emotional bond between people and their pets.

The healing that comes from these relationships is very reciprocal. People often find these relationships less challenging than human to human. There are many health benefits for humans that come with pet parenthood along with the pure joy of it. Medical studies show from lower blood pressure to elevated serotonin and dopamine levels that pets can benefit us with better emotional and even physical health.

Dogs in particular have been shown to do remarkable things to improve the health of their owners or others they come in contact with. Animal therapy is increasingly popular now. Trained therapy dogs are brought into hospitals, children’s recovery centers and long-term care facilities for the elderly. is said to be profoundly moving to watch these dogs calm agitated patients and lift the spirits of sad and lonely patients. They provide a medium for physical touch and expressing affection.

More than a dozen registered therapy dogs and their handlers are part of Mayo Clinic’s Caring Canines program. They make regular visits to hospital departments and special visits upon requests. They are a welcomed distraction and help reduce stress and anxiety that can accompany hospital visits.

In turn, we want the best care and spiritual healing for our pets. It is necessary to take our pets to the vet, but there are some health problems of pets that conventional veterinarians cannot seem to resolve. This is where energy healing often starts. Many veterinarians have also become holistic, offering acupuncture and other modalities in addition to traditional care. It is not a substitute for medical care but an excellent supplement. The number of dog healers is increasingly on the rise as the awareness of energy healing in general increases.

It is estimated that more than half of American households have pets and 40% of Americans have tried holistic energy therapies.

When you open your home to a pet, you will notice how receptive they are to energy. Even though we can’t see it, our energy fields blend with the energy fields of others, including pets.

When you heal your own energy system, you are also caring for the energy of your pet and will positively affect them. Our surrounding energy fields vibrate at a certain frequency. When we or our animals become sick, angry or frightened, our energy fields contract and this is where problems start. If we have adopted a shelter dog, the unknown history or displacement from the former family can be causing problems. Until the energy has been cleared and calmed, the pet may display unpredictable behavior, depression or aggression.

Energy Healing for dogs and Energy Healing for all animals can have a profound effect on an animal’s well-being.

The following forms of energy healing for animals can reduce stress, anxiety and grief, manage pain from an injury or illness and ease life transitions such as adapting to a new pet or family member in the house. They include homeopathy, acupuncture, qigong, animal reiki and The Trivedi Effect.

Homeopathy was founded by Samuel Hahnemann, (1755-1848), a German physician. Homiios in Greek means similar and Pathos means suffering. The law of similars- or “like cures like” is the basis of this energy healing. Homeopathy seeks to stimulate the body’s ability to heal itself by giving very small doses of highly diluted ingredients derived from herbs, minerals and natural substances. They are so dilute that only the energy of the substance remains, acting on the energetic level of healing for the client. Homeopathic remedies for dogs should always be given with professional guidance.

Acupuncture is perhaps the oldest form of energy healing, originating in China and predating recorded history. Originally needles were made of stone, bamboo or bone.

The American Veterinary Medical Association describes veterinary acupuncture as “examination and stimulation of specific points on the body of nonhuman animals by use of acupuncture needles.”

Qigong- Around 450 B.C., Lao Tzu, the founder of Taoism, described breathing techniques in his book Dao De Jing, recommending that the breath be collected and allowed to descend in the body. Interest in breath and life force (qi) was heightened during this period. and became one of the roots of Chinese Medicine. A practitioner directs and moves Qi-energy or life force to flow freely through the body to eliminate or reduce health problems, increase flexibility and reduce stress. This is accomplished by guiding the flow of energy and rebalancing meridians.

The Trivedi Effect was founded by Guruji Mahindra Trivedi, a pioneer in Life Force Energy, integrating Science, Consciousness and the Divine. The gifted abilities of Guruji are documented and proven by over 4,000 Science experiments. He has the power to transform at the cellular structure of living organisms. Guruji has graciously extend his gift to the Trivedi Masters as well as the Trivedi Healers, who’s abilities have also been proven by Science. This differentiates The Trivedi Effect from all other Spiritual and Energy Healing modalities.

Having no belief or non-belief in the healer’s ability to heal, animals effectively cancel out the placebo effect in the realm of spiritual and energy healing. The result is better health, a sense of well being and better behavior. In turn, this makes the pet parent a happier one.

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Su-Mei discovered her natural connection with nature with the transformative power of The Trivedi Effect and decided to share this energy, a divine gift to bring in positive transformations in peoples’ lives.


  1. Johanne D. April 25, 2019 at 6:37 pm - Reply

    Wonderful to have an alternative to the conventional pet care. Animals play an important role in many people’s lives. I recently listened to a presentation regarding PTSD service dogs that were trained to help First Responders in crisis. Thank you for sharing

  2. inthirani April 26, 2019 at 1:32 am - Reply

    A very thoughtfully written article on Animals and the roles dogs play benefitting the health and well being for humans improving both physical and mental health and how they are used in hospitals with those whom are ill. Also how life force energy can also improve the health and wellbeing of our pets. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Eileen Meagher September 26, 2019 at 5:41 pm - Reply

    A very informative piece about how various types of energy healing greatly help animals. Thanks for contributing this article, Su-Mei:-)

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