Su-Mei Liu

is a Scientifically Validated

Life Force Energy Healer

Su-Mei Liu

is a Scientifically Validated Life Force Energy Healer

Su-Mei Liu’s mission is to share her Divine healing gift with others to help people reach increased wellness and improved quality of life.

Su-Mei was born into a large family in a small Taiwanese village where she experienced a very simple childhood. As Su-Mei grew into adulthood, she could sense a connection with something that was greater than herself. As a result, Su-Mei began her education in Taiwan to find and further her place in the world. While in the early years, Su-Mei followed her sense of inner purpose and sought to deepen that inner connection.

In 1987 she came to the United States and earned an Associate’s Degree in Data Processing and a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Systems Management from Colorado Technical University. Su-Mei followed her talent and made a successful career in the IT field working for MCI, GE, HP and other high profile technology corporations.

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While education and career were satisfying elements of Su-Mei’s life, she was left unfulfilled and suffering from chronic lower back pain. While seeking spiritual guidance and growth, it wasn’t until she discovered Guruji Mahendra Trivedi that she was able to deepen her connection to the source of creation, which resulted in inner fulfillment.

She attended a Trivedi Retreat in 2011. Here she received her first blessing from Guruji that left her back feeling better. As Su-Mei journeyed down the path of Divine Consciousness with Guruji, she began to experience deep calmness, clear focus, and better decision making. Her chronic back pain disappeared.

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The quality of her life improved on all levels and she experienced a contentment she had never known before. In 2014, she enrolled her children in Guruji’s programs. As a result, her relationship with them improved dramatically; she will be eternally grateful to Guruji for that beautiful development.

Because of the miraculous changes in her life and the blessings that have come to her and her children as a result of Guruji’s Life Force Energy transmissions, Su-Mei felt an inner calling to help other people attain a better quality of life as she had.

Su-Mei was inspired to join the Trivedi Healers Master Program, where over time through Guruji’s guidance she recognized and developed her innate healing abilities. Since that time, she has embarked on several scientific experiments to prove her ability as a gifted biofield energy healer. She has co-authored several scientific articles on her research that were published in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

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Su-Mei and her co-authors through science experiments using multiple measurement methods examined sodium selenate, magnesium gluconate, ashwagandha root and vitamin D3. These double blind experiments reveal the power of Life Force Energy healing. Not only does it validate her healing ability; it demonstrates the tremendous power of this Divine Energy in enhancing wellness and health. It proves beyond the shadow of a doubt that the Trivedi Effect® produces measurable change in the wellbeing of all who receive it.

Su-Mei is keen to share the gift of this Divine Energy for the purpose of enhancing health and wellness wherever she is led to do so. Her mission, her passion, and her focus now are to help others improve the quality of their life.

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